Michael J. Varhola
Michael J. Varhola is a freelance journalist, public speaker, author or co-author of numerous books and innumerable articles, publisher of several publications, and a veteran of the U.S. Army. He currently serves as publisher of Skirmisher Publishing LLC and editor-in-chief of Skirmisher Online Gaming Magazine.

* History books Varhola has authored or co-authored include Everyday Life During the Civil War (Writer's Digest 2000), Fire & Ice: The Korean War, 1950-1953 (Savas Publishing, 2000), D-Day: June 6, 1944 (Savas Publishing, 2000, with Randy Holderfield), Shipwrecks and Lost Treasure of the Great Lakes (Globe Pequot Press, 2007), and Ghosthunting Virginia (Clerisy Press, 2008).

* Non-fiction books Varhola has co-authored include Real Fantasy: A Writer's Guide to Building Fantastic and Supernatural Worlds (Writer's Digest, 1998, with Terry Brooks).

* Gaming books Varhola has authored or co-authored include Experts (Skirmisher Publishing LLC, 2002), Warriors (Skirmisher Publishing LLC, 2003), Tests of Skill (Skirmisher Publishing LLC, 2004), Nuisances (Skirmisher Publishing LLC, 2005), Experts v.3.5 (Skirmisher Publishing LLC, 2005), Nation Builder (Troll Lord Games, 2005), and Essential Places (Troll Lord Games, 2006). He is also creator and publisher of the Skirmish and Chevauchee, historical wargaming rules.

* Publications for which Varhola has written book reviews, articles, serialized fiction, columns, and other editorial material include Utility Fleet Management, Light & Medium Truck, The Achiever, The Planet, The Diamondback, Dragon, Hammerterz Forum, The Unspeakable Oath, Stars & Stripes, The Crier, Renaissance, Civil War Times Illustrated, Army AL&T Magazine, and the Golden Key newsletter.

* Publications Varhola has founded and published include UPDATE, a networking newsletter; The Veteran, a non profit news publication for student veterans, and Living History magazine, a quarterly devoted to historical reenactment and interaction.

* Websites Varhola has launched and run include Living History Online, KoreanWar.net, and Skirmisher Online Gaming Magazine.

In addition to writing, Varhola regularly speaks or gives presentations on his areas of specialization, particularly ghosthunting, the U.S. Civil War, shipwrecks, wargaming, and publishing.
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